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RS mobile welding services specialize in portable welding and in-shop repairs, custom sheet metal fabrication, modifications, stainless steel fabrication, and repairs. Our mission is customer service at affordable prices with great quality production and dedication to our core competencies. We have trade experience and a primary focus of what the clients need like many different kinds of repairs. We maintain awareness of the more minute details and strategize solutions to arrive on-site mobile welding and off-site mobile welding for in-house mobile welding. We deliver to the different cities of the Greater Toronto area- Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, North York, Newmarket, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Toronto downtown, Etobicoke, Rexdale, Brampton, Bolton, Oakville, and Hamilton. If you need mobile welding services we are here to help.


About RS mobile welding services

RS mobile welding services established in 1997 and has provided quality metal fabrication, repair and welding services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. Our onsite welding services workers are professional and fully equipped that means we can handle large fabrication jobs that need to be constructed off-site. We offer you fast and efficient services, 24 hours per day, so your project stays on the deadline. We are committed to providing the highest level of services to take advantage of someone who needs mobile welding near me. We bring your ideas, drawings, prototypes or CAD files. We fully pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and firmly believe that you’ll see the difference when you select our company. If you have any query contacts us today!

Est. 1997, Rs Welding has been one of the best Welding services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. We offer welding and fabrication services at affordable rates. Our professional welders work onsite and in our fully equipped Welding Shop

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us.

we promise to never unfairly take advantage of someone who needs our services. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we firmly believe that you'll see the difference when you choose our company. Feel free to contact us any time

Mobile Welding Certificate

Our shop has been certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. we have over 21 years of experience servicing the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for a professional Toronto Welder, then look no further RS Mobile Welding Service is here to serve you off-site or in-house. We are fully equipped and fully insured to provide the best job possible. One of the best Welding in Toronto and the GTA, Off-site mobile welder in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, North York, Newmarket, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Toronto downtown, Etobicoke, Rexdale, Brampton, Bolton, Oakville, and Hamilton For the best rates and great service, contact us now.

We offer a complete range of in Shop & mobile welding services 24/7, including MIG, TIG and Stick welding Aluminum, stainless steel Mobile Welder, Mobile welding, Aluminum, stainless steel, Aluminum Welder plasma cutting. Gate and fence repair Railing and platform repair Restaurant & kitchen welding

Plastic Welding, HDPE,Abs, Pvc, Welding Custom House Beam & Post Welding Truck and boat welding Automotive welding All size trailer welding Ornamental iron welding Heavy equipment repair Structural welding Industrial welding General fabrication Emergency service


Aluminum welding service

Usually, aluminum metal is softer, lighter and low strength compared to other metals. It can produce high quality of mobile welding services near me with comparatively less heat input. RS mobile welding can weld both thick and thin aluminum welding joints.

Stainless steel welding service

When welded improperly, stainless steel has low thermal conductivity to allow it distort rapidly. While welded with excess heat, the high chromium content of metal also tends to burn easily and turn black.

Custom fabrication & modification

Fabrication welding is extremely versatile, we provide complete custom fabrication to order. It is complex to heavy parts forming, supporting machine shop operation and manufacturing. RS mobile welding services produced countless custom-designed items for many industries.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a melting process that is a jet of ionized gas temperature used to melt. We offer you complete plasma cutting services. It is used in the fabrication shop, restoration, and automotive repair, salvage, industrial construction, etc.

Plastic welding service

Plastic welding creating a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. We provide superior strength and reduces cycle times. We provide several methods of plastic welding.

Automotive welding service

Welding techniques using a wide variety of automobile body components are joined together. We offer you new welding techniques for automotive applications is growing to meet the new material combinations for auto body parts.

Ornamental iron welding service

Ornamental iron is a decorative element that comes in a different style. We provide welding services like fences, gates, handrails, and patio furniture. Virtually, it is waterproof and makes attractive material. Ornamental iron is steel and not forged like wrought iron.

Industrial welding service

Industrial welding has a wide variety of welding machines on the market. We have the tools to use have become more varied the techniques used in conjunction with them have become increasingly diverse.

Toronto and the Greater Toronto area


How Does Our Mobile Welding Team Work?

  • We provide a variety of mobile welding places near you.
  • We have well-experienced welder repair, a great supportive staff, and engineers.
  • We are proficient in working with aluminum welding, Cast iron welding, titanium welding, Magnesium welding, Stainless steel welding & other metals, and alloys as well.
  • We can serve our clients at every step of the fabrication process.
  • We are fully trained in TIG, MIG, FCAW, and stick welding.
  • RS mobile welding brings you full advantage of traditional welding me now.
  • Our services are available like mig welder repair near me and round the clock to save your time and convenience.
  • There are various types of design, construct, fabricate, demolish a metal part. We offer you the best welding repair shop with the best welding services.
  • We have typical mobile repair applications such as pipelines, hot-tapping, heat shrinking, residential, and pressure vessel welding, and commercial application, etc.

Welding Work We have Done

Our 2000 square foot state of the art metal fabricating facility and metal shop is versatile having a wide variety of welding
equipments and lots of working space to handle large fabrication projects.

Welding Certifications


Canadian Welding Bureau
CSA-Standard W47.1

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